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We can help you add a full menu of marketing services for your wellness programs, retreat, spa, or destination.


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Sophisticated retreat consumers have high expectations, and not every facility is ready to launch the type of premium marketing experience that meets these needs. Bwiti Syndicate offer a la carte marketing services for your retreats and wellness programs that integrates all aspects for the retreat experience from booking to repeat customers. It takes experienced professionals to provide wellness services that add to the overall image of the destination while still operating profitably and contributing to the overall health and happiness of the guests.

If you’d like to add this dimension to your retreat location, we can get you ready and show you how to take your services to the next level.

We create enriching, premium wellness marketing programs from the ground up. At their heart they embody a subtle sense of transformative energy that is more than just simple reservations. You’ll increase the visibility and positioning of your facility, giving you the ability to draw in and retain high-end travelers.

The authentic feel of our programs and retreat marketing programs are going to put you in front of the most desirable guests in the marketplace, and they’ll want to keep coming back. The design provides an experience that’s authentic and easy to integrate into your operations and brand. You’ll guests will benefit from the holistic, transformative experiences while you can add a profitable revenue center and the cache that comes from a higher perceived market status.

We offer the following to grow your retreat and profitability:

  • Full-bodied online retreat website presentation concepts that offer transformative experiences for your guests. Each piece is designed to align fully with your existing brand.
  • Marketing specializing in wellness and hospitality that can get you the online visibility you need to market your programs, services, and retreats.
  • Online and offline marketing materials that give you the edge over the competition via unparalleled tracking.
  • Clear, fully functional operations plans that give you all the instructions you need for executing flawless wellness programs that attract and retain guests.

We can help you add a full menu of marketing service for your wellness programs, services, and retreats to your hotel, spa, or destination. Let us show you how to do everything from the first marketing contact with a prospective customer, capturing their interest, downloading your app and tracking them with precision through the complete buying cycle.

There was a time when branded yoga mats and a t-shirts were the mark of a desirable retreat destination.

Today’s savvy traveler expects more, and they’ll go out of their way to pay top dollar for a high-end wellness experience. Whether it be an in-hotel spa or an all-inclusive meditation retreat far from the noise of everyday life, these refined moments are in high-demand.


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